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Developing team resilience

is a key strategy for leaders

at any level of business


Re: People is a team resilience framework designed to empower people to build relationships that are fundamental for both resilience in the workplace and at home. Through behaviour-change engagement, the Re-People journey activates practical and evidence-based strategies with context for your people. 


As a practice, we focus on the key resilience pillars of Growth, Communication and Mindfulness, also touching on other wellbeing factors including; resilience literacy, social connection and living with purpose. This is not an employee-assistance program; this is designed to engage people for growth and resilience; making a choice to operate with mindset of discovering moments, taking action and creating impact. 

Team Resilience Framework - Engaging Leaders.png

Every moment has a choice; every choice has an impact.
– Julia Butterfly Hill

See which plan suits your organisation |  All plans subject to minimum starter package

Embark on the journey



suitable for teams up to 20 persons

  • A robust methodology based on scientific research

  • A user experience proven to reduce survey fatigue and inaction to data

  • Collected people-generated insights that encourage people to take ownership

  • Feedback as a regular tool for learning & relationship building  



suitable for teams up to 50 persons

  • Run multiple Team sessions, on different schedules, at the same time

  • Address targeted questions from different people groups

  • Action Forward: track & manage initiatives

  • Feedback + Check-ins + Ask Anything + Good Vibes as a regular tool for learning & relationship building 



suitable for teams up to 100 persons or more

  • Develop leadership skills among your people leaders with personalised development, based on their team’s feedback

  • Highlighted Reports bring key issues to the surface  

  • Developing your company culture and promote the right behaviours

  • Feedback + Check-ins + Ask Anything + Good Vibes as a regular tool for learning & relationship building 


HOw we do it                                                  


Setting up an enabling space to create a psychologically safe environment for members to express their diverse views and learn from mistakes without negative repercussions

Psychological Safety

With Twitter-length feedback responses and partial anonymity, we provide a safe space for team members to be open and honest without anxiety.



The ability to sense-make and make meaning out of situations, ambiguity and sudden changes in the environment.


Co-creating a sense of purpose through collaborative & facilitated team sessions

Impactful Team Sessions
Using our inventory of facilitation and engagement tools, and facilitated by our experienced coaches, we can help your team accelerate their collaboration and overcome the complexity and anxiety of bringing diverse minds together. 


Building up a culture of growth where feedback is constantly reflected and incorporated

Powerful feedback questions

Using the Jobs To Be Done research framework and collaborating with behavioural psychologists, our best-practice feedback forms deliver ongoing individual progress.


facilitated sessions.png

Having a diversity of relationship formats and individualised resources to tap into for social and mental well-being 

Individualised Resources
Instead of pushing an overwhelming amount of resources to the people, they are given assessment, tools with individual / team coaching to be aware, curious and be accountable for what they need to work on or get support.  
Strategic Mindfulness
These are ongoing self-development journeys that we invite people to be part of, whenever they are ready. Through mindfulness practice, a person is able to notice how the mind reacts to thoughts, sensations, and information, seeing past the old storylines and habitual patterns that unconsciously guide behaviour.  This creates space to deliberately choose how to speak and act. Organizations, like individuals, need this kind of space.



We will take care of all the collaborative and facilitation tools required to power the experience for your people.

There is no need for complex integration or infrastructure. 


Not sure where to start? We can help.  

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