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Team Learning Experiences is the New People Activation for

Thriving Teams

The world is changing and organisations have to rethink how they engage their employees. 

Talent mobility is a real challenge and it is really important to address the realities of the employee experience cycle. 

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More than just Training


Now more than ever, organisations are searching for ways to align the employees that leads to performance while taking care of their growth and sense of purpose.  

That is because well-designed and executed Team Learning as a Journey for employees can lead to: 


  • Increase in Collaboration 

  • Increase in Performance 

  • Increase in Retention 

But successful alignment requires more than just deployment of internal communications and new processes. Forward thinking organisations are building new Employee Activation programs around Team Learning Journeys. 

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The Smartest Way to Activate and Align Employees

Our approach to activation and alignment is based on integrating science of behaviour change into your employee training experience; and we can help you equip your teams with the engagement that empowers them to develop self and others to improve performance through team learning orientation.  

The Team Learner Goals to the Big Picture of the Organisation

We help organisations to create Purpose driven alignment helps the organisations to build common ground with the employees.

Create and Deploy Enriching Experiences Quickly


We help to design and deploy a sustainable range of content and live experiences as a roadmap that can help use cases of our clients who apply it from onboarding, leadership, mental wellbeing to continued skills development

Get Personal & Connected with Experiences

We help organisations to identify. specific champions and personas across the teams. Create content experiences, connections and desired outcomes based on personal action plans that gives each participant sense of ownership and connection.

Engage and Motivate Employees

Leverage on social collaboration, peer sharing and game mechanics to create an engaging community. Encourage the crowdsourcing of answers, solutions, perspectives by building a psychologically safe environment. 

Adapt,  Measure and Improve

We can help organisations identify the right measurements of success so that you can monitor the impact of your  initiatives. Double down on what is working and improve what is not.  Organisations will really gain confidence and commitment when they can show that they are listening. 

Building your Thriving Team Journey

  • Based on 6 different Journey Tracks

  • Expertly curated content ready for contextual delivery

  • Interactive Live Sessions

  • Continuous Engagement during the journey

  • Cost Effective & Hassle Free Annual Membership Package


Choose the Track for the Journey


Choose the level of interaction via Live Sessions


Choose the Team Size / Number of Employees on the Journey

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All Team Journeys include:

Interactive Live Sessions


Invitations and Reminders for Sessions


Ongoing Participation & Engagement


Learning Resources


User Friendly Platform


Collaboration & Action Plans




Unlimited Support for Participants

All Team Journeys come with exclusive access to
Thriving Teams Growth Coaching: 


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All paid plans include exclusive access to a Thriving Teams Growth Coach*

Let's build Thriving Teams together.

Coaching is for Everyone

With the Thriving Teams solution, we help organisations scale the access to coaching for employees as support for their well-being and development. 


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Transform your culture, and drive greater performance, engagement, and retention.


Thriving Teams Coaching
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