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    For Organisations that see an urgent need to uncover potential Unconscious Biases in areas of the workplace and develop more inclusive leaders in making decisions, empowering Teams for diversity in collaboration, and leveraging on strengths across functions. POPULAR PROGRAMS Discovering Unconscious Biases at the Workplace Leading with Vulnerability Building Psychological Safety in Teams Leveraging on Strengths for Enhanced Collaboration Navigating Performance Appraisals with an Unbiased Mindset
    For Organisations that believe in developing a holistic Culture of Wellness, which leads to higher performance in the workforce. When employees have a balanced outlook to life & their work responsibilities, their overall Well-being & Mental Health will improve. This helps them become more effective in managing tasks, increases their confidence and create more sustainable, healthy lifestyle & workplace habits. POPULAR PROGRAMS Understanding Stress as an Ally to Performance Mindfulness Based Exercises at Workplace: Breathing, Movement & Emotional freedom technique Building Positive Relationships at the workplace Supporting Employees’ Mental Health at work through Agreed behaviours and Action Planning Building Psychological Safety in Teams Navigating Emotions with Intelligence in Teams Stress Management : Mindfulness Based Decision Making and Prioritisation Building a culture of well-being to sustain Performance Helping Others in Times of Distress and Crisis (Psychological First Aid for Mental Wellness)
    For Organisations looking to encourage your employees to develop & adopt a strategic & tactical mindset towards Decision-making & Problem-solving. These 2 fundamental concepts are building blocks in executing daily job responsibilities, exploring possibilities and opportunities to drive business growth, and enhancing every individual’s confidence towards higher performance. POPULAR PROGRAMS Perfecting Task Delegation in Teams Strategic Decision-Making & Problem-Solving Building Psychological Safety for High Performance Teams Leading Self & Teams with Accountability Activating Performance & Growth through Feedback Leveraging on Strengths for Enhanced Collaboration Accelerating High Potentials with a Coaching-Mentoring Mindset
    Team Resilience: More than the Sum of Its Parts. Instead of focusing on the individual, a better alternative could be to make the team the core of the resilience concept. Team resilience has been defined as a team’s capacity to manage the everyday pressures of work and remain healthy, adapt to change, and be prepared for future work challenges. Crucially, the behaviours of resilient teams do not just contribute to better wellbeing, but also result in improved performance. Creating such an environment need not be left to chance, or even to the wider organisation: it can and should be undertaken by team leaders, who should see nurturing an inclusive, supportive and hence more resilient culture as core to their responsibilities. POPULAR PROGRAMS Realising Resilience Program Leveraging on Strengths for Resilient Teams Building Psychological Safety for Resilient Teams Leading Self & Teams with Accountability Developing A Coaching-Mentoring Mindset Supporting Employees’ Mental Health at Work Team Resilience with Positive Relationships Resilience in Teams through Team Learning Orientation Resilience in Teams through embracing Diversity of Perspectives Resilience Building : Activating Sense of Purpose
    Culture is the tacit social order of an organisation: It shapes attitudes and behaviours in wide-ranging and durable ways. Cultural norms define what is encouraged, discouraged, accepted, or rejected within a group. When properly aligned with personal values, drives, and needs, culture can unleash tremendous amounts of energy toward a shared purpose and foster an organisation’s capacity to thrive. POPULAR PROGRAMS Culture & Engagement Pulse Embracing Culture & Shifting Mindsets Leveraging on Strengths for Enhanced Collaboration Developing a Servant Leadership Culture Developing a Coaching-Mentoring Mindset
    Leadership development has a new urgency, both in terms of helping current leaders meet the demands of the modern workplace and equipping next-in-line leaders to assume crucial responsibilities. Our leadership development solutions help your leaders and high potentials understand and model the behaviours that create exceptional workplaces. POPULAR PROGRAMS Developing Emerging Leaders Leading Self & Teams with Accountability Leveraging on Strengths for Enhanced Collaboration Navigating Performance Appraisals with a Growth Mindset Building Innovative Teams Developing a Servant Leadership Culture
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