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A Journey of Culture Transformation

When people in an organisation become deeply aware of their motivations and are able to align this with their business strategies, Culture Transformation happens and unleashes the best of what the collective and individual purpose can be.

It requires a paradigm shift that can take place throughout an entire organization or in individuals, and teams. It requires changing the hearts, minds, and skills of the workforce to support that desired culture.

That was the shift that occurred in this dynamic Land Surveyor Corporation of more than 30 years with a diverse team of different races, languages and backgrounds. They reached a point where the company had to break out from their stagnancy and drive for new growth, in both revenue and innovation. It was a feat re-framing their silo mentalities, especially where language was a strong barrier, hence, evolving into a collaborative mindset would become even more significant.

It is our mantra at Engaging Leaders to walk with every employee side by side during their transformation journey. As we worked with this competent yet introverted engineering team, we had designed targeted questions and leadership initiatives to engage both leadership and employees. It was so crucial to enable each of them, extracting the motivation that comes from their personal goals and match it with the goals and business outcomes of what the organisation needed to achieve.

When we hit the mid-way mark of this change transformation program, the organisation started experiencing a positive shift in mindsets and an increase in collaborative and confident relationships among the employees. The change that their teams needed was a Growth Mindset - a learn-to-build culture to create new market opportunities and mind-share in their industry which they otherwise thought was non-existent.



How often have HR Leaders and Business Owners tried their hardest to engage employees with team building activities, monetary incentives and specific rewards tagged to tasks or a checklist completion? And how often, have they found that it never worked or created a sustainable change or transformation in their company? Have they re-visited the heart of every organisation - their company culture?

When employees are engaged, they are passionate and creative, and their enthusiasm fuels growth and innovation. These employees are emotionally connected to their work and deeply invested in their company’s future. But when employees are disengaged, when they are indifferent toward their jobs — or worse, outright hate their work — they can destroy a business.

How Engaging Leaders can help

There isn't a one size fits all solution for every organisation when it comes to transforming your corporate culture. That is why working together with our client to assess current gaps and reverse engineer from their desired business outcomes is the first and vital step.

Engaging Leaders has designed a Deep Impact Cultural Transformation Foundation ™ with 6 Steps to Culture Transformation framework to ensure that the growth in mindsets as a team is made sustainable by the employees themselves.

The intangible benefits of a successful Culture Transformation in any company is meant to produce Purpose, Accountability and Commitment. The Company's core values and measurable performance indicators will likely be more evident and consistently proven in action, as the metrics and returns on investments are initiated by the employees themselves, giving them the responsibility to be answerable for their performance. It is inevitably driven by a collective and intrinsic meaning towards one purpose for the good of the whole organisation!

To end off, here is a short clip of the above mentioned Land Surveyor Client's Journey, with many of the participants sharing their stories. It marked the beginning of a courageous journey of self-discovery, transformed mindsets and strong collaboration with every co-worker for the sake of achieving greater success and a more purposeful change for their entire workforce.

Engaging Leaders helps organisations to activate their people and begin thriving in every aspect of their employee journey. Find out more about our approach here.


Key Contact:

Monica Tan, Engaging Leaders, leads our clients through a journey of performance and change. With more than 15 years of client and project management experience, she serves as a key advisor to our clients.


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