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Engaging your people in the post pandemic workplace

Are you prepared for a post pandemic workplace?

Organisations are slowly moving into, if not already operating in post pandemic conditions. There are many challenges organisations are concerned with, one of which being people leaving or planning to leave their jobs. If you have not started, it’s time you begin thinking of strategies you want to put in place to mitigate the pain eg. talent management strategies, employee engagement plans, hybrid workplace policies, employee benefits etc.

Here are some considerations:

Are your leaders and managers part of the dialogue to get conversations going?

It demonstrates that management cares. After all they are accountable for the execution of business plans.

Are career conversations part of that dialogue?

Let’s not avoid them because they can provide clues to learning preferences and development priorities.

Are you cornered into thinking that compensation is the only way to go in order to compete with other organisations in retaining your talents?

Remember, everyone wants to be compensated fairly, so of course do something if you are not. But you have a higher chance of sustainable productivity and results, if you don’t give up on your employee engagement strategies.

Did you know that there is a sweet spot where Employer / Employee needs and wants meet at a confluence junction?

Employers want maximum contribution from employees and employees want to derive maximum satisfaction from working with employers. This sweet spot is called employee engagement, where the employee is willing and able to go that extra mile.

Which do you prefer; employees who stay because of a good compensation package / job security or employees who stay because they find meaning and purpose in the work they do?

The ‘sweets’ will run out and when this happens, employee latent dissatisfaction and disengagement will affect the entire ‘basket of apples’. How people feel and then demonstrate in behaviours at work, will give you clues on how much effort you need to put into your employee engagement strategies.

Engaging Leaders helps organisations to activate their people and begin thriving in every aspect of their employee journey. Find out more about our approach here.


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