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Communicating Across Cultures in Teams

When people from different societies and demographics work together, the situation is one of Diversity. Intercultural communication at work is growing in both amount and importance.

Working with clients who believe in supporting their diverse employees to grow as leaders in the business is very fulfilling for us as we see breakthrough in both language, prejudice as well as universal communication barriers.

Helping the employees as leaders to practise how intercultural communication at work can be made more effective ranges from using inclusive language to the practical application of communication techniques that pay attention to behaviours and traits such as tolerance for ambiguity, mindfulness and self-monitoring.

The real growth of each leader comes from the regular discussion of the underlying motivations, goals and cognitions of individuals as well as the processing of their interactions with context and positive mindsets.

Our team is just so excited for our client at how far these leaders have come in their journey of culture transformation in their organization. Looking at how they stepped out of their comfort zones to truly engage and break the intercultural and mindset barriers is really the start of great collaborations.


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