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How Social Learning Feeds Your Team Engagement?

Do you know what best workplaces have in common?

They, be it employees or employers come together at a point where they collaborate, learn, grow, and share their knowledge. This concept in workplaces is known as “Social Learning.”

In simple words, it can also be defined as learning from or with others. This type of learning process leads to positive learning and have a high impact on the employees as well. And when applied in workplaces, it can work wonders and also help your subordinates learn the tricks of the trade, and a lot more.

According to a 2018 Workplace Learning Report - top trends in employee engagement have a direct lead in the various employee learning opportunities. So, here is how social learning helps in building and increasing the team engagement-

1. Allows Mentoring and Coaching

When you start to leverage social learning in your workplace, the leaders start to coach and mentor that foster the relationship amidst your employees. Also, when more successful people invest in an individual’s development, they feel empowered and work efficiently towards the enterprise as well. Once everyone starts to strike up a conversation, an increase in team engagement will be seen automatically.

2. Helps You Develop Leadership Skills

Different employees look towards the growth with different perspectives. There are people who want to have expertise in their field, while others just want to switch up to the management track.

As you start to demonstrate social learning in your workspace, you can empower leadership development through it as well. Guide your management team to work with the subordinates, walk them through, and resultantly you will see team engagement building up.

3. Enables the 70/20/10 Model For Learning Procedures

Did you know social Learning is directly linked to the way we learn? As we start to learn in a social manner-

70% of the learning comes from on the job experiences. 20% from the interactions with other users. 10% of learning from the structured training.

From the above percentage, it is quite evident that social learning can be used in the workplace to feed the engagement and to create a higher learning impact as well.

4. Encourages Feedback Performance Management

Social Learning can be defined as a method that takes feedback from the users in the real time and then use it as a medium to enhance the knowledge of employees. As they find it to their benefit, they will get together on various occasion and offer you feedback on the overall performance.

5. Allows Employees To Communicate More

As you implement learning in the social contexts, the employees start communicating more. Whether they have to embrace a change or work on a new concept, they will have to collaborate and learn.

Once they start communicating, the team engagement will increase seamlessly.

The Bottom Line

According to the study by Brandon Hall Group, the focus on social and collaborative learning has been increased dramatically since 2014.

Known as a highly effective cognitive process in social context, it persuades employees to learn in groups, sit together and discuss, brainstorming over various niches, which in turns, feeds the team engagement.

It also allows the learning to be situational, self-directed, and enjoyable that also leads to the profound engagement of your team.

At Engaging Leaders, we are passionate about working with team leaders and business owners to design team engagement programs with shared experiences that will increase the performance of the teams.

Social Learning is definitely one of the key areas of team engagement and culture building when we work with any organisation who is looking at activating their employees to be a performing team.

Know the pulse of your team's level of engagement and improve employee engagement with Engaging Leaders.


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