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Protecting Your Employees In The Midst Of The Storm

We are now living in the age of the Coronavirus and the economic outlook is that it is going to be an uphill battle ahead for everybody. However, this leads to another silent crisis growing within the walls of our workplace. Employers have become increasingly worried about the wellbeing issues this pandemic brings. No one is immune from the multiple stressors being caused by the current crisis and it can potentially have lethal physical health consequences for our workforces.

But it is the mental health implications – which can be equally devastating. Below are some of the main stressors that have been brought up during these challenging times:

Anxiety Uncertainty Stress and Burnout

Other worrying issues employers are facing among their teams are - Cabin Fever, Restlessness, Lack of Motivation, Family and Marriage Woes, the list scarily goes on.

Being in a position of leadership, your job is to improve the wellbeing stamina of our workforce as we navigate a course through this extraordinary global challenge.

Here are some alarming trends from a global study (including Singapore) that have emerged since this pandemic started:

42% of respondents

  • reported Mental Health has declined

66% of respondents

  • Higher levels of stress since pandemic

Despite a recent Straits Times survey on how Human Resources was on the Top 5 Non-Essential Jobs in Singapore, the role of People and HR functions in shaping the organizational response can hardly be overstated. Employee health and well-being are crucial to the organization’s continuity, its resiliency and its capacity to reframe its future in the new normal to come.

Discover how our solutions can help Leaders and HR Functions Support and Maintain Employees' Well-being to build long-term Corporate Health in this new world:

Connect with our Experts to provide resources and tools for employees' Well-being

Equipping employees with a psychologically safe space and championing Well-being Advocates

Empathetic Leadership and Mental Health Resilience

Keeping Your People Well will inevitably lead to Keeping Your Business thriving and sustainable. Remember that it is in the toughest times, the human spirit dictates that leaders will emerge, often from the most unexpected places.


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